Friday, 15 February 2013

RIP David Barby (23 April 1943 – 25 July 2012)

I just discovered, through watching 'Flog IT! Trade Secrets' on the BBC, that the wonderful David Barby died in 2012. I am saddened by this, as he was one of the people on my 'Would Love to Meet' list. Mr Barby was a flamboyent, extremely knowledgeable antiques expert and a generous and gentle Gentleman. His specialism was ceramics. Sadly he suffered a brain haemorrhage at his Rugby home on 12 July 2012, dying two weeks later on 25 July 2012 in a hospital in Coventry, aged 69. Best wishes from me to the family and friends who survive him and, doubtless, mourn and miss him. I will miss him too, he was a wonderful entertainer and a marvelous antiques expert. Blessed Be, Mr.David Barby!