Monday, 24 January 2011

Another pic of Lyle

Latest Picture of Lyle Ashley Tate

This is the latest picture for Lyle Ashley Tate, my Redemption Reef character. Lyle is about to change his life once again, by accepting an offer he really can't refuse. The US Italian Mafia have been after him for eight years, and now the Russian Mafia, the Bratva, are looking at him for the murder of their man Henry Vale (though it was Flynn Atcher who killed the Bratva's mortician). In steos the mysterious 'Eidolon', a company that doesn't exist, but yet they have virtually unlimited resources and want to send Lyle, and his friends, to a private tropical island and have them participate in some sort of disaster relief effort for the storm-tossed natives.

To read more, head over to Redemption Reef. Third part of the story goes up this evening, 7pm GMT. It's HOT, so make sure you are over 18 and not likely to be offended or arrested for reading consensual M/M sex scenes! Click on the end tab to get to the story posts.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Coming Soon

It's nearly time... There's something coming....

I've been working on a new project over the last couple of months. You are definitely going to like it.

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